Tips and TricksWays to Make Your Dog’s Life Better

December 17, 2020by admin0




Tips and TricksWays to Make Your Dog’s Life Better

December 17, 2020by admin0

As a pet parent, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to keep our furry babies healthy and happy. Dogs bring so much joy in our lives, but how do we make our dogs happy? It doesn’t take much to make your dog’s life better. Here’s a shortlist of ways to improve the quality of our dogs’ lives:

1. Understand Their Body Language.

Do you ever think what is your dog trying to tell you? Just like humans, dogs use their own body language to communicate how they’re feeling. They communicate their wants, needs, emotions and intentions through a series of unique methods such as sounds, signal, facial expressions and body postures.

Understanding what your dog is trying to tell you can give a hint of what’s going on, what may happen next, and what our response should be. It takes time, observation and a lot of practice to notice and understand your dog’s body language. Once you learn your dog’s language, you can build a stronger relationship and help your dog live a happier life.

2. Make Your Pup’s Tummy Happy!

Good health begins with complete and balanced nutrition. Feed your pup an appropriate amount of well-balanced diet tailored to their specific need.

The proper balance of nutrients is essential when feeding your dog. They need the right mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and fresh water every day to stay healthy. Feeding them scraps or table food leads to obesity, intestinal and digestive problems. Without adequate nutrition, your dog will not be able to perform normal daily activities.

3. Pawsome Treats.

Just like humans, dogs enjoy treats once in a while. Dog treats are a great way to train and reward your dog. They enjoy treats because they can be fun to eat. Using treats can help you reinforce the positive behavior and build your dog’s desire to do more of the good. Just remember to read the ingredient label, never replace regular nutritious meals and, not over-feed your dog with treats.

4. Happy Grooming Experience

One thing is for sure. A clean and fresh pup is a happy, healthy pup. Did you know that grooming your furry friend not only make them look and smell amazing, but it can also help with their overall health? Plus enjoying bath time together strengthens the bond with your furry friend. Dogs are relaxed by the repetitive motions and stimulations of being massaged, brushed and washed.

You can make your dog’s bath time fun and less stressful by viewing the bath time as playtime, and providing them with high-quality pet grooming products. Bathing your pooch with a good cleansing and moisturizing dog shampoo can help maintain your dog’s skin and coat in a healthy state. Always keep in mind that the pH of their skin is very different. Using harsh human products can cause irritation, allergies, infection and other skin problems.

5. Exercise and Play Outside Together.

Keep your dog fit and active by providing them with a daily exercise routine. Spend some of your time outdoors to play and explore leash-free. Let him dig, chase, and run freely in safely fenced areas. Regular exercise is important to your dog’s overall well-being, both mentally and physically.

No matter the size, age, or breed, every dog needs a regular exercise. A lack of exercise can cause behavioral problems such as excessive licking, barking, chewing and other destructive behaviors. Playing and exercising with your furry friend strengthen your bond and keeps you motivated to exercise regularly so you get healthy together. It’s a win-win situation!

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